What is The Purpose of Human Life?

I believe that the purpose of our lives is to experience our connection with other people and also to feel connected to everything that is.

Because we live in a scientific age, we tend to see ourselves as distinct and separate from all other reality. From my earliest years I held this view, and owing to the strange upbringing I had, I felt cut off from other people. I was also made to feel I was a bad person, and this belief made me feel even more isolated. It was only when I began to question these ideas that I had some hope that I could experience a sense of belonging.

In my memoir, Leaving Faith, Finding Meaning,* I outline how my difficult upbringing had distorted my sense of who I was and what I could become. I now feel I am fulfilling the purpose of my life. I no longer feel cut off in that I am sharing my experience with other people and experiencing enrichment in the responses I am receiving.

What do you think is the purpose of human life?

Do you feel you are fulfilling this purpose?

*You can read/download an excerpt from this book by clicking on the title link above.