What Beliefs Are Now Replacing Traditional Religions?

Many people are looking for something that is more broadly defined than traditional religious teachings. Some of these people are finding the divine in the beauty of nature, and also in the lives of other people. My own experience of traditional religion, which was Christianity, gave me nothing that seemed to work.

In my memoir, Leaving Faith, Finding Meaning, I describe how fifty years of devotion to my faith did not result in the transformation that is promised to believers. Although I was an integral part of a Christian community, I did not find what I was looking for through my association with individuals in that group. My life changed when I accepted the oneness of all reality. This realization arose through my studies in mysticism and quantum theory. Understanding that each of us is a unique expression of the totality has enabled me to value the contribution that each person makes to the overall purpose of the universe. For the individual it will be a path filled with both challenges and triumphs.    

What are your views on this subject?  Where do find the divine in your life?