Religion and Sex – Why is Sex Considered So Sinful?

Why are some religions patently illogical in their ideologies and beliefs about sex?  Why do so many religions consider sex so sinful?

The main reason is that western religions have generally had a problem in coming to terms with human sexuality. Women have been described as luring men into sin. The first woman, Eve, is believed to have been tempted by the Devil when she ate the forbidden fruit. Worse still, she persuaded her husband, Adam, to eat the fruit, and their act of disobedience brought God’s judgment on humanity. This whole story has become a myth with profound implications for religious beliefs. These include the idea that abstinence from sexual behavior will be rewarded by God, both in this life and the next. It has led the Catholic church to require that priests remain celibate until their death.

What do you think of the approach to sexuality adopted by certain religions?