Do You Believe We Exist After Death?

I believe that our lives never end, and that death is merely a transition to a higher form of being. This belief is based partly on the accounts of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Although this idea has been rejected by adherents of different religious traditions, I find the evidence highly persuasive. If the resurrection had not happened, there is no way to account for the transformation that occurred in the lives of Jesus’ followers. They preached his message throughout the known world, and many of them were martyred because of their beliefs.

Western society as a whole is still heavily influenced by Christian teaching, and by the example of Jesus’ life.

A further reason for my belief in life after death is the many accounts of individuals who have had near-death experiences (NDE’s), where people who have been pronounced clinically dead are able to describe what happened to them after all medical treatment had ceased. These experiences have been reported by people of all ages, occupations and cultures, regardless of their previous beliefs about the possibility of existence beyond death.

Do you believe we exist after death?

On what grounds have you formed this view?