Do You Believe There is a Supreme Being Called God?

I believe that a being normally referred to as “God” interacted with his chosen people, the Israelites, in the ways described in the Hebrew scriptures. However, I do not believe that this being is the creator of the universe. Instead, I believe that there has always been matter in some form, so that no intelligent being was necessary to bring everything into existence.

Over many decades I have observed that some believers in God greatly benefit from this belief. This situation raises the question of whether the accuracy of a belief has any necessary connection with the effects of this belief in the life of an individual. I have formed the view that a person’s life will be transformed, not by what they happen to believe at a conscious level, but by what is happening at the deepest level of that person’s being, where everything is one. Allowing myself to become immersed in that concept—the oneness of all reality—has enabled me to become the person I believe I was meant to be.

Do you believe there is a supreme being called God?

If so, what effect does this being have on the way you live your life?